Why Do People Use the Term ‘Eating Disorder’ So Nonchalantly?

Question by Jules, E, and Liam 🙂: Why do people use the term ‘eating disorder’ so nonchalantly?
I just noticed that with lots of categories and in lots of places, people say “I have an eating disorder.” I am just wondering what these folks consider an eating disorder? Because lots of people have issues with food…seems to be a general problem in the American society. But an eating disorder is a real mental condition that requires (absolutely) hospitalization or therapy to overcome. It is a life-long addiction. I guess it just puzzles me as to how people say it so lightly. Any thoughts on this? Has anyone else noticed? Am I way, way off base here?

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Answer by SusanS
Eating disorders are not to be taken lightly. They can be life-threatening.

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Overcoming Eating Disorders – 7 Best Strategies – Andrea Cox – For more information please visit www.thecoolvegetarian.com In this 6 minute video, Andrea Cox author of Rawliscious Recipes, former fitness model, retreat and cleansing leader and health coach discusses the causes of eating disorders and the best strategies for overcoming them. After struggling with Bolemia and Anorexia, Andrea became healthy and vibrant using the methods described in the video. Music Courtesy of Sheena Grobb (www.sheenagrobb.com)


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