Why Do People Say “Drugs and Alcohol”?

Question by : Why do people say “drugs and alcohol”?
As far as I’m concerned it’s a drug too. Is it different just because it’s legal?
No you moron. Caffeine is a drug and it’s addictive, but no one cares about that? And by the way drugs like psilocybin and cannabis are only physically addictive, just like almost everything else in the world has the potential to be to a select few members of the population. But back to the point I’m talking about intoxicants. Why is alcohol separated from drugs? Why can it not be included?

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Answer by Sydney
I think it’s because they both can become addicting…

Answer by El Nerdo Loco
My guess is that you are right. That, “Drugs” is being used as a shorthand for illegal or at least socially taboo substances. Medically, alcohol is a drug. But so are medicines, random things you may encounter in your everyday environment, even hormones produced by your own body. The negative connotation the word, “Drugs” has must come from it being used to describe things people generally think of as bad. Why alcohol is separated so often, I am not sure. Because it is legal? That may be part of it, but would Marijuana still be called a drug by most people when it is legalized? I’d think so. Perhaps it is because Alcohol has been legal for so long.

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