Why Do People Mistake My Ear Disorder for a Mental Problem?

Question by MingChong11: Why do people mistake my ear disorder for a mental problem?
I suffer hyperacusis. My ears are hypersensitive to certain noises. Certain noises make my ears HURT! Excruciating TORTURE! People popping, clicking & smacking their gum, sucking hard & smacking on their food & candy & sucking their teeth hard for 20 minutes continuously after eating. Loud vehicles. People typing. I also get distracted very easily. I have to listen to white/pink/brown noise or ocean waves 24/7. I’m a prisoner of this disorder. It has ruined my life & social relationships. My family & everyone else HATE me because of this. They think I’m just CRAZY! & my family smack in my ear ON PURPOSE, & random people pop, click & smack their gum ON PURPOSE just to get me riled up & then laugh. It’s torture! I no psych medication in the world is going to help. They haven’t helped before. They’re not going to help now. Hearing trigger noises make my Tourette’s go out of whack.

My own family don’t even care about me, & they wish me dead, & they spread lies & hate about me. I had to move across the country to get away from them & cut off total contact with them to prevent from further abuse.

I’m 29 & have been suffering it since I was 16. Almost 17. I suffer OCD, anxiety, Tourette’s & depression, & have been on an array of psych meds all my life. I had 2 strokes when I was 5, & I have TMJ. I had nose surgery twice & eye surgery once, all as a child. I’m easily prone to ear infections. I also suffer vertigo. The vertigo can last for like 3 weeks.

33 decibel ear plugs don’t even help. I can still hear outside sounds with so-called noise-cancelling earbuds/headphones, while playing the ocean sounds. Sometimes, I rather be dead or @ least deaf, to not have to suffer with this. I have even attempted suicide because of this condition.

When I ask people politely to stop with their gum, they say, “You crazy b****, go take your medicine!” & then, everyone on the bus/train laugh @ me. I’ve even been chased home several times with people threatening to hurt me because of this. I’ve unintentionally developed many enemies because of this. No one cares about my daily suffering. & everywhere I go, it’s the gum-clicking. Like it’s a fashionable trend! I stay home & hardly leave the house because of this people clclicking their gum like uncivilized cows! It’s just as unescapable as the All-Seeing Eye of Lucifer! Everywhere I go, EVERYONE has the gum ignorance!

I’m disabled & on a fixed income, & I can’t afford any more than $ 30 of noise cancelling HEADPHONES. Maxell doesn’t work. Phillips used to have some for $ 25 from Walmart that worked very well. They don’t make them anymore.

I JUST got referred to an ENT. I’ve been asking for YEARS about what could be wrong, & no doctor in the world could tell me. My current PCP just recently referred me a couple of months ago to an ENT. My condition is disabling & crippling. I don’t want psych meds, ear implants or surgery as a “cure” I want naturopathic methods.

Someone said that hyperacusis has something to do with weak ear muscles. I’m not sure.

Please help with any advice. I know Satan & the Illuminati are behind ALL corruption, ailments & disease. I deserve to enjoy life, just like anyone else. My twin sister doesn’t have this problem. She also smacks food in my ear on purpose, just to make me riled up, & then she gets everyone else to do it. I’m surprised I never dropped out of school because of it! I failed plenty of exams in school because of the gum!

I just found out that it’s caused by heavy metal toxicity, upon further research. Mercury amalgam fillings in my mouth. Not sure if Medicare/Medicaid will pay for a holistic dentist/doctor. Also, magnesium, copper & potassium deficiency.

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Answer by tooshytoscream
People are bigoted and uneducated.

Answer by Mallory
Gosh, your family is so mean to you. I feel SO bad for you. 🙁 How did you get intoxicated by metal? People who are chewing gum have no clue you have this disorder, so when you say can you stop chewing your gum, they think your rude. When you start going nuts because your ears are killing you, people think it is funny, so they keep chewing gum. They might think your mental because they don’t know the disorder. I did not know what it is untill now. Truth is, you never know disorders untill the person tells you. A man poured a glass of wine to my mom, so when he left and she noticed his cup was low, she filled it up with wine. His wife stopped her and said he addicted to alchol, don’t give that to him. My mom did not know this. Thank god she listend to her unlike people did to you.

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