Why Do People Go Into Drug and Alcohol Counselling?

Question by David1234: Why do people go into drug and alcohol counselling?
Why do people go into drug and alcohol counselling? Do people who were never drug addicts go into the career? I know alot of people who were addicts become counsellors.


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Answer by I.Love.EMINEM.
Either people who are interested in it and want to help people, or those who got help and want to help others. Hope I helped(:

Answer by Saugata Seal
People go to drug counseling to get rid of their addiction for drugs, its a type of psychiatric treatment which involves building a strong character which is unaffected by drug temptations. Sometimes it involves medication too. To answer your second question, yes many people who were previously drug addicts become counselors because they have the experience on that particular matter, so they can give more relevant advices than a person who has never been addicted to drugs.

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