Why Do Our Hands Start Shaking if We Eat Human Flesh?

Question by Hex: Why do our hands start shaking IF we eat human flesh?
If some people prefer to cannibalism their hands will start shaking after a few meals. What I don’t understand is what is the exact source of the hands shacking. Some type of chemical reaction or a mental breakdown, it has to be something.

And those who do not have an answer, don’t even dare even comment since it will not help any one or anything.

Best answer:

Answer by Who Me
It is the adrenalin rush.

Answer by Davy
Chemical reaction. Cannibalism is frowned upon in almost all animal species, simply for the fact that it screws you up. You’re eating something that has the same anatomy as you, so their chemical make-up will merge with yours, which will mess things up. That’s why there are so many absolutely insane cannibals on the planet.

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