Why Do MLB and the Media Wage a Hypocrtical War on (Some) “Performance Enhancing” Drugs?

Question by _: Why do MLB and the media wage a hypocrtical War on (some) “performance enhancing” drugs?
If it is “unfair” that any player should artificially improve their performance, then that means that not only should steroids be banned, but also every performance aid (such as Tommy John surgery, which has doubled the career length of numerous pitchers). It is hypocritical to support certain forms of “performance enhancement” and oppose others. Medical decisions should be made by the players. If they determine that it is worthwhile to take steroids to improve their performance, even if it will take a few years off their life, why should anybody complain? Smoking is considered perfectly acceptable, even though it has no benefits and shortens lives far more than steroids do.

Shouldn’t MLB stop being hypocritical and just end the ban on (some) “performance enhancing” drugs?

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Answer by EastIB
Anabolic Steroids are ILLEGAL. Smoking is not.

Answer by neverdugdisco
Steroids have been banned and are illegal in the US. And are very unhealthy.. if the ban was lifted competitors would have to use them in able to compete. Smoking is dangerous also but too many people were addicted before they realized how bad they were and its your choice whether or not to smoke.. but professional atheletes would have to use performance inhancing drugs or they would be out of a job.. I dont know of any job where you are practically required to smoke.

And why are you calling the media hypocrites? Anyone in the media say that smoking is good for you and steroids aren’t?


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