Why Do I Feel Like This/what Is It?

Question by Belle: Why do i feel like this/what is it?
my baby is now 8 months. I have been feeling very upset and frustrated for a while. i dont have any motivation and i just want to stay in all the time. i start arguments with family for no reason. My babys father gave me a hard time and its just getting harder now ive involved the csa, dna test ect. i dont feel i have a point in life i dont look forward to anything and i cry all the time. my friends have now noticed a change in me. i love my baby to bits thats whats keeping me going, what do you thinks wrong?

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Answer by Ely
You have too much stress, and or depression.
Just try to not fight for insignificant reasons with family! ^^
Have a great time, life is beautiful dont throw it away, take advantage of it
and have fun!

Answer by Cyndi
I don’t have any sort of degree that would warrant me to answer this but just by your symptoms it may sound like postpartum depression.

It’s absolutely normal after having a baby so it’s nothing to feel bad over.

Brooke Shields suffered from postpartum depression after she had her children. She kind of became an advocate for different treatments.

“Postpartum depression is moderate to severe depression in a woman after she has given birth. It may occur soon after delivery or up to a year later. Most of the time, it occurs within the first 4 weeks after delivery.

Most of the symptoms are the same as in major depression.

In addition to depressed mood, you may have the following symptoms nearly every day:

* Agitation and irritability
* Decreased appetite
* Difficulty concentrating or thinking
* Feelings of worthlessness or guilt
* Feeling withdrawn, socially isolated, or unconnected
* Lack of pleasure in all or most activities
* Loss of energy experienced
* Negative feelings toward the baby
* Thoughts of death or suicide
* Trouble sleeping

Go ahead and read more about it in the source I cited.

Good luck and feel better. :]

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