Why Do Doctors Call Everything a “disorder”?

Question by : Why do doctors call everything a “disorder”?
Disorder makes it sound as though you have some kind of horrible illness. I mean seriously, most things that have -disorder on the end are NOT illnesses; merely deviations from the norm…
Like attachment “disorders”.
I was diagnosed with fearful-avoidant attachment “disorder”, but I DO NOT consider myself mentally ill O_o I just deviate from the norm…!
Nobody’s perfect, and I don’t think we should start medicating ourselves for every tiny thing, so that we may be considered as “normal” and not deviate from the norm. Normality is shrinking, fewer and fewer people are “normal”, more and more of us are being “diagnosed with disorders”, but half of these “disorders” just mean that you’re different from other people!
Eating disorders OK, those are real illnesses because they make you suffer, but most disorders are just abnormalities, and I don’t think that not being normal should be considered as an illness!

One day we’ll all be medicating ourselves and look like zombies who are all the same.

What do you think?
Like, “anxiety disorder” and “social anxiety disorder” basically mean that you’re a stressed, shy person. Obviously if it’s severe and you’re so scared of life and peopole in general that you stay shut in your house and don’t dare go down to the corner shop and are dying of starvation, THAT’S a disorder. But most people I know who have that “anxiety disorder” seem pretty normal, they go out, have friends etc, but they are just more panicky or shy in social situations. I wouldn’t call that a disorder!

I also watched a tv programme about this lady who was medicating her 4 year old boy because he supposedly had ADHD. Wtf!? He just looked a but hyper! ALL young boys are hyper!!!
I mean sure, give him medicine if he’s so hyperactive that he can’t stay sat down in lessons and is failing his year at school and is miserable, in that case it’s ok! But not just because he runs around and has energy! Jesus christ, I think all this is REALLY going overboard.

This girl I knew was diagnosed as bip

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Answer by the parkour master
it does make it sound terribly abominating since it is a giant word. keep in mind though that disorder means something that lacks normal order. therefore anything we have discovered that disctracts normal health can be considered a disorder.

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