Why Depression Is Such a Thief

Why Depression Is Such A Thief
… can better work with and love and have relationships with those who have manic-depression and regular depression and alcoholism and ADD and OCD and schizophrenia and anxiety disorder and eating disorders and a bunch of mixtures of all of them. Read more on ChicagoNow (blog)

The New Asylums: Jails Swell With Mentally Ill
CHICAGO—The sound of clanging steel doors and agitated voices in the Cook County Jail bullpen was deafening. Amid the din, Robert Miller, who would turn 19 the next … Generally, the term is used to describe prisoners who require medication for … Read more on Wall Street Journal

Vietnam vet's crumbling roof repaired with help from Morton Grove, nonprofit
By that point, the situation was really eating away at O'Neill. “A friend invited me … “There are no leaks in the roof and no immediate (structural) problems, but my post-traumatic stress disorder gets me overwhelmed very easily.” O'Neill visits the … Read more on Morton Grove Champion

Local man faces challenges of eating disorders, substance abuse in pursuing
In his quest for perfection, Mr. Flynn has spent years battling eating disorders and body dysmorphia and substance and alcohol abuse problems. Early interest. Growing up in Dunmore and Scranton, Mr. Flynn expressed interest in dancing from a young age, … Read more on Scranton Times-Tribune