Why Are the Conditions in Most Mental Hospitals Awful?

Question by Jack: Why are the conditions in most mental hospitals awful?
Some are even dangerous e.g. patients can often be at risk from other patients. And I’m not even talking about the ones that use electric shock “treatment”.

My question is how are mental hospitals actually supposed to HELP patients? I would think that feeling unsafe and being around people that scream and bang their heads off walls and stuff would make anyone’s mental problem 10 times worse?

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Answer by asp2write
First, they aren’t all like that, but the ones that are, they are usually public funded, where the patients are unwanted by anyone else, so there is no one to complain about the bruises, or the filth, they are just deposited there to die, it really pretty sad, we need better laws that both check up on, and punish these places.

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