Why Are My Parents Doing This to Me ? Help Please !!?

Question by : Why are my parents doing this to me ? Help please !!?
Yes, my parents are literally ruining my life. They are sending me to what they call a “residential treatment centre” for four or more months. They think I can’t handle my “problems” on my own. They are sending me there for OCD, which I have been living with my whole life so why should anything help now; PTSD just because every once in a while I will have a bad dream about my best friend who died; and for eating disorders, and while did have anorexia for two years and bulimia for one year I am seeing a therapist and it’s helping so much. All I have done is improved for all of these symptoms in the past few months, so why did they decide to all of the sudden send me to a “residential treatment center” in Illinois? I don’t think they realize how much worse that’s going to make everything. When my life is unstable that tends to trigger my OCD severely and I start to purge again too. And you can’t get any more unstable than sending me from Georgia to Illinois to a mental facility with no one I know and all alone. And on top of that, my brother’s wedding is in a month and I was suppose to be a bridesmaid. I’m supposed to be at this place until at least January if not later and there’s no way they can reschedule just for me. I’m going to miss a huge milestone in my family all because of my parents. I made an elite club volleyball team and now I have to give up my position because of this. To top it all off, my birthday is on Sunday and I’m leaving Friday. I can’t believe this. I’m only almost fifteen and it’s not like I’m a social outcast just because I have a few issues. I have a social life, friends, good grades. Why do they think this is so good for me if I am already improving so well just with my therapist? How do I convince them by Friday to let me stay home with my family and friends and my older sister and older brother who mean so much to me? I seriously might go through depression if they do this. Help how do I tell them to let me stay?!

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Answer by Bianca
Get your parents to read everything you just typed right here ^ that’s crazy! or talk to them I know you’re gonna be like wtf but really you should talk to them or get your brothers and sisters to help have them help you convince your parents. That’s like the best thing you can do ?..:/ Sorry

Answer by Deborah
I don’t understand it either and truthfully I think it is pretty cruel to do so at this time and not in your best interest.What does your therapist say about all this? I was also under the impression that your older sister had pretty much taken over the raising of you in the last two years.there is either something you are not being truthful with us about or you have real jerks for parents. there is nothing wrong with getting help for serious issues but it sounds more like they are trying to shove you away and make you disappear.you need to enlist the help of every adult who can say that this is a drastic measure and can be put off for awhile as long as you are under the care of professionals. talk immediately with your therapist about this.

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