Which Sugar Does Not Support Candida? Can I Eat Steavia or Agave? ?

Question by Healing: which sugar does not support candida? Can I eat Steavia or agave? ?
also I would like to know>>If sugar makes the immune system weak, what kind of sugars can I eat without making my immune system weak?
Thank you
Yes, sugar intake weakens the immune system. I will give you the source – can’t find it right now. Guess why so many people get sick over the holidays 🙂

It is BS that people think that sugar feeds cancer but on the other hand sugar is very bad for cancer patient because it lowers the immune system. Sugar is part of candida. In the GI trackt for example live 2 kinds of bacteria. Sugar feeds the bacteria which are not suppost to be there, which destroy the flora and cause candida. And than there is the good bacteria which supports the flora of the GI trackt but this does not live from sugar 🙁

By the way, I got immunisation for candida in Germany 🙂 I asked the question because I am a sugar junkee and would like to eat “sugar” which does not weaken my immune system.
Thanks a lot!

Best answer:

Answer by meek1957
First of all, Stevia is not a “sugar.” Agave is a type of glucose, which is sugar. It is basically fructose, called Agave Nectar, from what I can find out about it. This would be like any sugar, to the body. The more refined, such as basic white sugar, the faster it raises the blood sugar, but otherwise sugar is sugar, be it from any source of food, honey, whatever.

No sugar “supports” Candida. Candida is a yeast infection, and diabetics are more prone to it. The higher, more out of control, one’s blood sugars are, the more likely one is susceptible to Candida. At this point, with the blood sugar high, it is irrelevant what “kind” of glucose (sugar) was consumed.

Diabetes, and sugar, do not in any way, shape or form, of their own, make one’s immunity system “weak” – not at all. If one has a “weak” immunity system, it is an entirely different issue.

It is true that it is believed now that Type I diabetics might become Type I from an auto-immune disorder, but this is still mostly a theory, and we’re talking about while an unborn infant in the womb, or when a small child. Again, what that child eats, in that context, has no bearing on this. And otherwise, in other regards, their immunity system is very functional.

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