Which Approach Would Be More Suiting?

Question by Clara: Which approach would be more suiting?
So, it seems like a lot of the girls at my school have tiny little legs and hips and big breasts… Why is it that all of the fat in my body goes to my hips and thighs? And how do I control the amount of jiggle on my thighs?

Best answer:

Answer by Tabitha
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Answer by Liztronica
First of all, don’t worry about all the other girls. Everyone’s body is different. Maybe they diet/exercise, or they have a high metabolism, or even an eating disorder. You never know. You may have that issue because of heredity. Some people’s bodies are just “programmed” like that. To tighten your thighs, do more walking, and toning exercises, like squats. Try to stay away from processed sugars and foods because these will definitely not help.

Remember, you’re beautiful just the way you are!


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