Where Can I Find an Alcohol Treatment Specialists in Cresson, Pennsylvania?

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Question by annelise LD: Where can I find an alcohol treatment specialists in Cresson, Pennsylvania?
My best friend is so addicted to alcohol. He drinks every night and he wanted to end his life. I wanted to pull him out of his misery, and I think admitting him in an alcohol rehab is the best thing to do.

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Answer by Charles M
you cant get a drunk to go to a rehab. if you could he would escape that night and be drunk again. drugs addictions to stop has to start with him and he has to go by himself if he can change his thinking which probably only happen when he finds his bottom …..the very bottom is death.

AA is better than rehab I think.

Answer by billie s
I feel for you. I have two friends who are undergoing rehabilitation right now. It’s really hard for us to see our friends suffering so much and becoming a slave of alcohol. I have searched the Net for you and I hope the links I’ve provided will be of help. You can also check your local directory or ask for lists of rehabilitation centers in your local health office. I do hope that your best friend will be confined soon. God Bless!

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