When Little Kids Decide to Become Yankee Fans…?

Question by fenway77: When little kids decide to become Yankee fans…?
Do they have to pass a rigorous curriculum, including the following:

1. Arrogance 101
2. Attiude and Ego 111
3. When in Trouble, Bring up the Past 213
4. Memorize “26” 212
5. The Payroll Doesn’t Matter 305
6. Quiet on Mattingly’s Failure 401
7. Claim Jeter is the Greatest Human Being Alive 499

And for an internship, do they have to spit on every fan of every other team, just when they’re at their lowest point???

Just Askin’…

Best answer:

Answer by voodoo_moonbaby43968
Couldn’t agree more…I hate the Yankees and most Yankee fans.

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