‘When Katie Met Ana’ – a Short Video on Anorexia


‘When Katie Met Ana’ – A short video on Anorexia – As part of my Journalism degree I had to create a short documentary on anything ‘newsworthy’. My friend, Katie Faulkner, agreed to help me create this short …


An Apple a Day: Charting a Long Battle With Anorexia
The surge of energy—from eating—seems to fuel all sorts of unexpected emotions. After so many years of anorexic numbness I find myself coming back to life in a whirlwind of feelings. And I feel like I've failed in some way, that the eating disorder … Read more on Daily Beast

LeAnn Rimes recalls post-affair depression: 'I was disgusted by myself'
… rampant rumors that she was being treated for anorexia. Shortly after she checked into rehab, "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Brandi Glanville accused Rimes of having an eating disorder and laxative addiction. "LeAnn has a severe eating … Read more on Examiner.com