What’s the Going Rate for a Psych/councilor?

Question by Minnie: What’s the going rate for a psych/councilor?
I feel I have unresolved issues, related to an ex boyfriend, betrayal in the family and an eating disorder. Although I function well when in front of others, I often cry and feel low when I am alone and feel I need to sort this out before it escalates to something bigger. How much is the going rate for a councillor?

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Answer by good guy
depends on where you live, but i’d guess between $ 75-100/hour. However, a mental health clinic is there to help and if you cannot pay, something can be worked out. I would suggest looking up “mental health clinics” in the phone book or check with your county mental health clinic for help in finding someone. And kudos to you for recognizing you may have a problem and seeking help before it gets out of hand. This fact alone leads me to believe no matter what your problems are, you will overcome them. Good luck!

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