What’s Postpartum Depression??


What’s Postpartum Depression?? – It’s important to me to share my experiences with others, as a friend who has been there, not as a professional claiming to know it all. Good information and an outlet to communicate can benefit everyone, and I hope we can share all of our struggles and life experiences here. Please share your tips on how you got through postpartum depression and found some room to breathe. Below are a few links to help start the discussion. xo www.womenshealth.gov www.rcpsych.ac.uk Follow me! fbook: www.facebook.com and twitter: twitter.com SUBSCRIBE to THEMOMSVIEW www.youtube.com SUBSCRIBE to KATILETTE www.youtube.com SUBSCRIBE to HEYKAYLI www.youtube.com SUBSCRIBE to MIYA www.youtube.com SUBSCRIBE TO BELLAMISHELLA www.youtube.com ___ postpartum depression, depression, mom, pregnant, books, baby, delivery, hospital, woman, women, husband, husbands, dads, partner, wife, sister, hormones, breast, nutrition, milk, family, names, gifts, crying, emotions, love, natural, writing, paper, experience, journey, special, communication, lunch, human, doctor, panic, anxious, websites, reading, tips, advice, vitamins, research, help, stories, Carlie, CarlieStylez


Mother's postpartum depression blamed for baby's death: Report

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He did say earlier that the accused likely suffered from postpartum depression. Under a court order, Platonov cannot have contact with her husband, Michael Platonov, 39, a well-known cardiologist at Mississauga Hospital, or their 4-year-old son, Victor.
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Brookhaven Retreat Interviews Dr. Jennifer Payne on Postpartum Depression

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Dr. Jennifer Payne, Director of the Johns Hopkins Women's Mood Disorder Center and expert in the treatment of peripartum depression, visited Brookhaven Retreat on Dec. 4 and Dec. 5. Brookhaven Retreat was able to interview Dr. Payne about her …
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Will Mo. Legislature, governor compromise on Medicaid?

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The St. Charles County resident, who suffers from postpartum depression, has worked at a call center in Weldon Spring for the past nine months, making about $ 9 an hour. She thinks some of the resistance to the expansion comes from a “big stigma against …
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