What’s More Effective Coping Skills or Meds?

Question by Twist: What’s more effective coping skills or meds?
Can a lot of this depression and anxiety going around be cured with some effort, without meds?
Not a sufferer

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Answer by Chloe
No, Anxiety can’t be cured without medicine. It’ll take time, but I do know that medicine and theraphy can help a lot. I suffer with Anxiety/Depression also. It also depends on your Anixety level; Some people can cope and some people can’t. Since your not a suffer, Find different ways to cope; When I get depressed; I write in my journal. Coping is different for everyone so you just have to find out what works best for you.
Medicine is only given when it’s bad and you can’t find a way to cope at all. I have a chemical imbalance so it’s not anything I worked up myself.

Answer by HotMama
It sure can, but some people are just not “wired” to even use coping skills without the meds.

FOR EXAMPLE, in a stressful situation, one may just resort to just getting angry, frustrated, and even go off the emotional deep end instead of even thinking to attempt breathing exercises and trying to reason through the situation. For some people, the meds may just slow their mind down enough to make them able to deal with a stressful situation in a clear, logical manner. Other people that are on meds are lacking the neurological chemicals (serotonin, for example) to properly cope.

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