What’s It All About – Topic: Understanding, Preventing, and Curing Depression

What’s It All About – Topic: Understanding, Preventing, And Curing Depression
Session 7 By Nickolas Vassili “WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT” is a classroom devoted to the art and science of understanding and expressing human emotions, and learnin…



It's An Epidemic! Prescription Painkiller Use in Women Leading to a Huge
For example, the herb St. John's Wort, an over-the-counter product many women use to self-treat depression, can increase the effects of painkillers and other medications, making a normal dose lethal. Women must discuss everything they take, including … Read more on Decoded Science

This Is The Molecule Responsible For Stress
Using a powerful X-ray machine at Diamond Light Source, the UK's national particle accelerator, they were able to detail the structure of CRF1, a find that they say opens up the possibility of creating specially tailored drugs to treat depression and … Read more on Popular Science

Canada's Indigenous Children Used Unwittingly In Malnutrition Studies
… to "cure" homosexuality</a>. Of course, contemporary science does not classify homosexuality an illness. Electroconvulsive therapy is, however, still a legitimate treatment for severe depression. Read more on Huffington Post