What Should I Title the Book I’m Working On? Please Help.?

Question by Pink Vixen: What should I title the book I’m working on? Please help.?
The book is going to be about my teenage years (which I’m in now) and my battle with depression and contemplating suicide. I’m writing something similar to Dave Pelzer, but different in many ways.

I am past the depression and stuff, so I do not want to hear “Go Get Help”, because that is not what I’m asking this question to get an answer like that. I want an answer for a good title of it.
Extended Plot: It will start off with how I wished I was younger, because my family was happier and not many wories were thrown at us. Then it will begin telling about my hadships, etc.

Best answer:

Answer by decoratedemergency
Lol. I think “Go Get Help” would be an awesome title for the book to be completely honest.

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