What Should I Do if My Parent REFUSES to Get Me Help for My Depression?

Question by :): What should I do if my parent REFUSES to get me help for my depression?
I’m aware that this is long but I’m desperate for someone to help me and I would greatly appreciate it if someone could provide me their advice or commentary.

I feel like I’ve been struggling with depression for at least 4 years now. Especially these past 2 years I’ve felt incredibly drained in every aspect. I think I might suffer from perfectionism because during the end of my Sophomore year (I’m now going into my Senior year of High School), I kind of stopped doing my work because I felt as though I would never do it well enough or I might not get it done to the point where I felt satisfied with my work. This carried on to Junior year and that’s when my depression got really bad. I started to stay up all night (I don’t know why) and I would sleep throughout the entire day. I would have panic attacks before school and after school, to the point where my asthma would kick in and leave me shaking while gasping for air. I stopped doing Theater at my school which I loved, I stopped joining clubs, and I stopped feeling motivated in school and in life overall. My anxiety definitely increased and so did my depression. As of currently it’s to the point where my eating habits have taken a turn for the worse: I eat far too much sugar than I ever have and I’ll admit that I take comfort in food now. I’m not obese or even close to it, I’m a healthy weight for my age and height, but still- it bothers me that I find unhealthy foods comforting. I never do my hair and I don’t find a purpose in dressing up (I will stay in my pajamas the entire day). I’m very moody and I don’t really enjoy life anymore. I’m not suicidal, but I feel like my life isn’t worth living right now. I’m basically alive because I’m waiting for my future (where I’m hoping things will get better). Small everyday tasks seem impossible to me. My mom who’s a nurse, advises me to exercise, walk my dog, wash him, hang out with my “friends” (who I’ve kind of given up on. I don’t want to be around people my age anymore), fold laundry, apply for a small job with a few hours to take my mind off of things, ect. I want to do these things, but I can’t get myself to. I sit in my bed all day and I just don’t find the energy to do anything… not even to get a glass of water or something if I need to. It’s to the point where I’m dreading life. I don’t like waking up everyday knowing that the same cycle is going to repeat. My mom got me a psychologist in the very beginning of this year, but instead of doing research like I did and asked her to do, she just went with the first one who responded back. She’s a nice woman, but an awful psychologist. A session with her is a session wasted. We only talk about how I feel towards school. And now it’s summer so there’s barely anything to talk about and I’ve skipped a full month of “therapy” with her. I’ve been begging my mom for 3 months now to please get me a good psychologist… I’ve done my research and found some around us that seem to do great work (I’ve searched up reviews as well). Being a nurse, my mom knows how depression works and she’s extremely scared that they’re going to force me to go on pills or medication or something. I would NEVER go on medication or anything… I just want someone to talk to and someone who can help me let go of all of the trauma in my past and help me move forward. I really don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I feel like everything is just not right. My mom refuses to get me actual, deep, meaningful therapy, but she admitted to me that this psychologist that I’m seeing right now is not doing anything for me.

I need the help, I’m desperate for it. I’m tired of my mom calling me “lazy” and I’m tired of having to explain to her that I’m depressed. I hate breaking down and crying and even when I do she says, “change your mentality.” THAT DOESN’T HELP. IT’S NOT THAT EASY. If it were, I’d be fine by now and I don’t think I am. What should I do if my mom seriously refuses to get me help for my depression? I’m sick of this and I need someone to help me. This has been going on for far too long and I can’t live my life like this anymore. I’m not even close to the person I once was.

Again, I’m so sorry that this was long but I really need some advice or commentary. Thank you!

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Answer by alyssa
Hi sweetheart. My name is Alyssa im 22 and I am currently majoring in psychology. Not only am I educated on this topic I am experienced. I myself suffered from panic attacks and depression between the ages of 18 and 20 and I know what your going through. It is the biggest burden a human being can bare. Let me start by saying you are SMART for refusing medication. Medication only treats symptoms but they do not treat the ILLNESS! Not liking your current psychologist is a problem you néed someone you feel comorftable with and like. But you do NEED therapy. Not going is kind of like trying to stay fit by not going to the gym. Learning how to cope, redirect, and eventually move on from this anxiety will only come from a trained professional. So give a few calls to some counselor or psychologists and tell them your problem, that your parents aren’t helping you find the help you need and they may be willing to help you find alternative ways to pay for the practice and or talk to your parents for you. If you are 18 you can do this without any parental consent and you don’t even need to tell them if you don’t feel comfortable.

The RED FLAG I see if your diet. You said you are taking in late amounts of sugar! Sugar is depressions worst enemy! Not only does your diet control the chemical balances in your brain it also controls your nervous system. For one month eat organically! An take out sugar completely from your diet. Processed foods are poison to your brain. A plant based or organically driven diet will heal your body and mind from the inside out. It takes practice and self control but you will notice an amazing difference.

In the meantime please remember these things when you start to feel those symptoms. Ask yourself outloud “am I making this harder than it needs to be?” “Will this matter tomorrow, a year from now, or when I’m thirty?” And remind yourself that your thoughts will create your reality. Thinking something will go wrong can actually cause your mind and body to perceive and do things wrong. Whatever energy you put off is the same energy you will recieve. As human beings our mind and consciousness is all we have to connect us to the physical world. Do not be afraid to explore those two things. The more you research the more you will help yourself. Watch some Netflix documentaries like “Food Matters” and “Hungry for Change” learn learn learn. All of these things helped me overcome and TREATED my anxiety, nervousness, depression, headaches, body aches, panic attacks, and I look amazing naked now! Haha jokes. But really my dear, you are what you eat, what you think, and what you drink. Nourish your body and you will be amazed with how it heals itself naturally 🙂

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