What Percentage of People Who Suffer From an Eating Disorder Are Ever “cured”?

Question by christopherthomastierney: what percentage of people who suffer from an eating disorder are ever “cured”?
i have yet to meet someone who has gone thru dealing with a disorder without “relapsing” multiple times, let alone it impacting their lives everyday –

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Answer by freeatlast14
Anorexia is curable in 80 percent of cases that are detected early and treated effectively. In 50 percent of cases, anorexia is so completely curable that food and eating cease to be an issue for the individual. In the other 30 percent of cases, anorexia is totally curable, though the patient may need to stay in treatment or return to treatment on an as-needed basis in order to stay on top of the underlying emotional issues that may have initially driven the disease.

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