What Kind of Drugs Did Amanda Knox Use? I Keep Hearing “Drug Fueled.” Was It Was Cocaine, Crystal, or ?

Question by Jeffrey: What kind of drugs did Amanda Knox use? I keep hearing “drug fueled.” Was it was cocaine, crystal, or ?
Reading all the articles, I only read that she and her boyfriend smoked pot. Yet the accounts refer to a “drug fueled” night of sex games. Drug-fueled usually implies hard drugs like cocaine or ice, but I don’t see anything about that. Just curious…

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Answer by Tom K
I think the truth is there were no drugs, that was a fabrication of the European press; her sentence is based on a foreign court’s decision -to me, she is clearly not-guilty..what evidence do they have (other than being American, and not a minority)..?

Answer by mo
She claimed that she smoked marijuana that night.

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