What Is Your Opinion on “Eating Disorders” Units in “state” Mental Hospital for Those With No Insurance?

Question by hylandsandra: What is your opinion on “eating disorders” units in “state” mental hospital for those with no insurance?
For people like me that suffer from one of the many different types of eating disorders. I have neither the money nor the insurance to get into a treatment facility that will help me. I’ve tried turning to my local state mental hospital since I don’t have either any money or any type of insurance, but unfortunately the “do not” treat people with eating disorders. An eating disorder is both physical and psychological so why doesn’t the state accept it as a mental illnes?? In my research I’ve found that you either have to pay $ 1500.00 a “day” to get into a treatement center or have good health insurance. If you don’t have either there’s no place for you to go and I want to change that. What do you think about putting and eating disorders unit in a “state” run facility so even..”poor”…people suffering from an eating disorder have somewhere to go?

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Answer by dtwladyhawk
Contact the NAMI, and your Governor’s office.

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