What Is the Source of Homosexuality?

Question by Jane*: What is the source of homosexuality?
What is the source of homosexuality? is it a “lifestyle” ie. a social or learned behavior?…is it biological..ie a “disorder” is it chemically or genetically determined and if so does it play a role that we are yet to understand or is it pathological because it is not life producing? Is it a mental illness?

There are examples of homosexuality in nature? Why? Is this a natural phenomenon or something caused by some un-natural manipulation of nature? Are there parallels of the incidence of homosexuality in nature with those among Man & Woman?

What are your opinions, beliefs and positions?

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Answer by Melchior Gabor Is My Hero!!!
ummm…. i think you’re born that way… like how people are born straight. Idk, I’m not gay, so I guess you’d have to ask someone who is.

Answer by ignant_slob
Sorry, but every example I’ve been given of so-called homosexuality in animals is what appears to be anthropomorphism. People see two animals of the same gender balling each other and apply human terms to what they are doing and the reasons behind it, instead of just thinking that maybe they are doing it because they want to screw something or maybe they have just imprinted upon that specific animal somehow. Occam’s Razor never seems to be applied.

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