What Is the Difference in the Number of Positive Responders to SSRI’s and Placebo?

Question by : What is the difference in the number of positive responders to SSRI’s and placebo?
In clinical trials what is on average the difference in the number of positive responders between SSRIs and placebo for the treatment of depression?

Please can you also refer to medical articles or websites if possible.
Thankyou thefreevariable it’s a very interesting link.
Hi David D. thankyou for your interesting answer. Because of these differences in results, from none to large differences compared to placebo I do agree that doctors should discuss this with patients. The difference (whether subjective or measurable) between mild and severe depression should partly determine treatment measures.

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Answer by Jennifer L
If you join MedLine you can look it up.

Answer by Jason C
Your question is a bit too broad. There are hundreds of such studies out there. How many participants in the study? Age group? Demographics? Etc…. Placebos from studies I have read in the past work on the order of single percentages somewhere between 1-5%. If you do some specific research online and find peer-reviewed journal articles you will see for yourself what those numbers are. Remember that therapy and medication have the highest success rates of treating and curing clinical depression. Good luck.


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