What Is the Difference Between Binge/purge Type Anorexia, and Bulimia?

Question by dollfayse: What is the difference between binge/purge type anorexia, and bulimia?
I am doing a research paper on eating disorders and I know there is two types of anorexia nervosa. Restrictive type & Binge/Purge type. But how does binge/purge type anorexia differ from bulimia?
Can someone explain?

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Answer by atari988
The restrictive type is where someone will not eat anything. They just limit their food intake and starve themselves.
The binge/purge type is where someone binges, or has a field day and eat whatever they want, only to force themselves to puke it out immediately after gorging on food.

Answer by Everyone and No One
A binge/purge anorexic tends to restrict most of the time, but will occasionally binge with they will follow with a purge.

Bulimics can eat normally, but have a pattern of binge eating then purging.

Basically what separates the two is what type of eating (or lack there of) they do a majority of the time.


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