What Is Reasonable, and What Is Taking Advantage? (College Roommate Situation)?

Question by Aelia: What is reasonable, and what is taking advantage? (College roommate situation)?
Earlier today I posted a question, and this is sort of the “sister” question to it:

I’ve been having problems with my roommate and her boyfriend. They’re both inconsiderate slobs, etc. and I’m going to speak to residential life about this situation (especially since he’s not allowed to live here.)

My question concerns my roommate. Recently she’s suffered from anorexia and depression, and while that’s understandable how much is too much? I’ve put up with her smoking pot in the apartment to “give her an appetite,” to constant drinking and partying to cure her “depression.” Now every “wrong” thing she does is to “help.” I was okay with the pot thing, until she started bringing 4-5 people over a day to smoke, and now the partying is constant.

She’s recently lost her job because she was “too depressed” (and hungover) to go to work, and if she gets in any more trouble it’s possible she’ll get suspended from school. My friend already moved out of the apartment because she couldn’t tolerate it, but I don’t have the money to move off-campus.

Am I wrong to put my foot down? It’s more of an annoyance than an outright hindrance, but she doesn’t care that her constant noise, etc. upsets MY medical condition (I have an anxiety disorder.)
Edit: This is my original question

Best answer:

Answer by dolce
It sounds like you need to just find another place to live on campus. She obviously needs a lot of help, and while it’s nice of you to think of her well-being, you are not responsible for her, nor can you force her to take responsibility for herself. My advice would be to just up and leave – find a new and more agreeable living situation. You pay too much money to live on campus to have to put up with someone’s ridiculous life drama.

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