What Is Manic Depression?

Question by Trish: what is manic depression?
im just wondering.

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Answer by ALI J
manic depression is now known as bipolar disorder. There are many types of bipolar disorder, but it is characterized by a person cycling between depression and mania. Manic episodes can look differenct depending on the type of bipolar a person has. Some sypmtoms are, fast speech, reckless behavior, spending too much money, excitability, anger, sleeplessness, poor judgement or impulsivity.

Answer by Sellig
Manic-depressive I think is the old term for bipolar disorder.

Bipolar disorder is characterized by some weeks of feeling high and happy followed by weeks of feeling low and depressed.

The medical definitions have as much to do with the drugs they want to sell as with a bunch of symptoms they group together.

Diagnosis is made by a doctor by observing the client and through blood tests and psychological evalution.

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