What Is It With People Thinking That Losing Weight Will “cure” an Eating Disorder?

Question by Derp: What is it with people thinking that losing weight will “cure” an eating disorder?
For those who aren’t aware, many many many people with an eating disorder are not underweight. Most bulimics (like me) are regular sized, many are even overweight. I’ve been in recovery from my eating disorder for over a year now, but obviously still struggle with self-image many times. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out where people get off telling me “well, maybe if you just went on a diet and lost a little bit of weight, then you might feel better?” Knowing I have an eating disorder – knowing that I will likely always struggle with body image… it is beyond comprehension to me… I’ll never understand why some people think that advice is appropriate for a person with an eating disorder – especially when that person is of normal weight already.

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Answer by Quietscherin
It’s because non-medically trained people have no idea what an eating disorder actually is. They don’t realize that it’s a combination of psychological and physical problems and that advice is the last thing these people need. And you’re right, most bulimics are normal to over weight, which medically trained people know, the general public however doesn’t. It seems to me that you have a good head on your shoulders and know to ignore such comments and maybe even avoid such people all together. No one except others with eating disorders can truly understand what you are going through. People don’t realize that with an eating disorder or even just body image problems without eating disorder (which I myself have) isn’t just about how much or how little weight. I hope you find more understanding people who will support you in a proper way.

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