What Is It When You Are “Clinically Depressed” According to a Psychiatrist But…?

Question by Cindy: What is it when you are “clinically depressed” according to a psychiatrist but…?
you ABSOLUTELY know that it is ONLY due to hormones being out of whack. I have severe PMS and have it a couple times per month because of irregular periods. I PMS a couple days before my period and I have my period about twice a month. I feel fine at other times but now I had to get a psychiatric evaluation for custody (which I did get) but it is on the evaluation that I am clinically depressed. I am upset about it because I sound like I am just like that all the time and it is only because of hormone problems. How can I correct the depression by treating the hormones and at the same time regulate my period? I have tried birth control pills and get VERY depressed when I am on them.

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Answer by melrix_2000
Clinically depressed is pretty much a generic term, any one could be clinically depressed just because you have one or more of the depression signs on the list, the more signs of depression you have the deeper the depression can go. A person loosing their job can be clinically depressed, it is pretty much a loose term to fit alot of differant cases.
If I were you I would either go back to your doc and tell them they need to find something that helps you or go get a second opionion. Tell them you are clinically depressed because the doctors won’t listen to you. It is your body and it know it better than any one. You are the only advacate you have and if you have to turn into a B(*&*YT well than so be it, A hormone level test is a simple one time blood work test, tell you doc if anything they can prove your wrong.
The harsh reality is so many differant signs of a illness can be so generic, meaning it is usually something simple and easy to treat and all have the same signs. You have to force the doc to look past the simple and find out what is wrong with you. Stand up and make them listen it is your right, it is also your right to request your records and go to another doctor.

Answer by Fireant
Have you tried the pills or the shots that keep you from having a period? If you think it is all hormonal, that might help. I had PMDD – Premenstrual Disphoric Disorder. I would get moody, and depressed about 2 weeks before my period, and then during my period, the older I got the worse the symptoms became. They put me on an antidepressant and the symptoms went away, it also helped some mild OCD symptoms I was having. I think sometimes they have to label it Clinical Depression, because there isn’t a real “diagnosis” for “PMS” or “PMDD”. Clinical Depression does not mean that you are depressed at all times, but, the psychiatrist had to put something, because the “symptoms” you have twice a month may effect your children.
Go see your OB/GYN and tell them you are having irregular periods. You should not be having 2 periods per month, this could be a sign of something more serious (even more serious than hormones). They can make suggestions on how to stop the twice per month problem, they may also want to do tests to see why you are having periods twice per month.
If you are anything like I was when you have your PMS, your children are better off not being around when you are PMSing. I was not a pleasant person to be around during that time, and most women I know aren’t pleasant to be around during that time.
Please, go see your OB/GYN you will be doing yourself as well as your children a favor.

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