What Is Eating Disorder Treatment Like?


What is Eating Disorder Treatment Like? – What happens at a residential eating disorder treatment facility? Michelle Smith, LVN, answers. Michelle is the Program Director of the Victorian in Newport Beach, CA. Michelle discusses the non punitive “shame reduction” treatment model that The Victorian uses to empower women who are in recovery for eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia. The treatment program incorporates neurofeedback, group therapy, intuitive eating, and many other therapeutic processes. For more information about The Victorian or help with an eating disorder, visit www.EatingDisorderTreatment.com


Eating Disorders Are Tough, But We're Tougher
26-March 2, 2013). As always, we will reach out to folks who are struggling with eating disorders and are contemplating seeking the help they need. We want to give those folks hope and let them know that with the right treatment recovery is possible. Read more on Huffington Post

Eating Disorders Awareness Week is February 24-March 2
… week, devised to prevent eating disorders and promote healthy body image, was created to remove some of the shame associated with eating disorders, so that those suffering from the illnesses will be more comfortable coming forward to receive treatment. Read more on Murray State News