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What is depression? Anxiety? Video – What is depression? I got cured from 26 years of depression, anxiety disorder, panic attacks and eating disorders. I love my life! I can teach you, how you can follow my lead and do the same! Check out my blog “Power of Positive Thoughts”: evatenter.wordpress.com More information about my books www.evatenter.com Authors of the YouTube video – Eva Tenter and Jessica Kaur Photos used in the video – from the personal collections of Eva Tenter and Jessica Kaur DISCLAIMER- I, Eva Tenter, am not now and never have been a psychologist, psychiatrist or therapist (or any other type of healer). This story is completely and only based on my own personal experience with eating disorders, depression, anxiety disorder and panic attacks. In this book, I share the details that I have personally learned about these illnesses and the details of how these illnesses affected my life. I also share the feelings and emotions that I felt during these illnesses. Therefore this material should under no circumstances be taken as a medical guidebook or as an exact description of how these illnesses present themselves in a person. ALWAYS CONSULT A MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONAL IN CASE OF MENTAL ILLNESSES!


World-first study tests diet, depression link

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Victorian researchers are conducting what is believed be the world's first clinical study of whether an improved diet can help people suffering from major depression. Scientists at Deakin University, St Vincent's Hospital and Barwon Health are …
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