What Is Depression and How Is It Treated?

Question by Jenna: What is depression and how is it treated?
Is it really a mental issue that a person really has no control over?
How do they treat depresison?
What should you do if you feel like someone seriously has depresison and you’re concerned about their safety, but they refuse help?

Best answer:

Answer by Carl
He/she might be bipolar and needs help, i was really depressed and went to the doctor, he told me i was insecure and depressed but not suffering from depression. thats something totally different. He directed me a therapist.

Answer by Dunkin
their is never on thing that can cure it. Something happened in that persons life that is making them that way, it could be as easy as confronting a problem or something very complex, unless it comes to you naturally to talk to people or you have training then i sudjust you just be their for them when they call. The more you push them to talk about it the further away they will go.

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