What Is Bipolar Disorder? (What Is Manic Depression?)


What is Bipolar Disorder? (What is Manic Depression?) – This video (Episode 1) explains the signs and symptoms Bipolar Disorder or BPD (previously known as Manic Depression). If you suspect that you, or someone yo…


Former Cal Poly football player Hess battling back from skateboard accident
He goes the extra mile to be your friend.” What nobody knew was that Hess also has a form of depression. His mental health includes spans of manic behavior that contributed to a second departure from Cal Poly. In the offseason after his junior year … Read more on The San Luis Obispo Tribune

Flu Acquired During Pregnancy May Increase Risk For Bipolar Disorder In
Bipolar disorder, previously referred to as manic depression, is a mood disorder characterized by vacillating emotional extremes with low bouts of clinical depression and frenzied periods of mania. Often people with bipolar disorder exhibiting … Read more on The Inquisitr