What Is Better Wet or Dry Food?

Question by Loni L: what is better wet or dry food?
just wondering if wet food was better then dry because my one cat will now only eat wet food the whiskas chunky one and now i’m gonna see if she will eat her old dry in with it.

Best answer:

Answer by JessicaMS
dry is better. it’s better for their teeth and is more nutritional. try mixing her wet and dry food and gradually decrease the amount of wet and increase the amount of dry.

Answer by Rachel
The wet food tastes better to the cat but the dry food is better for them. Once you buy only wet food and give them only wet food, it is all they will eat. When you put dry food in front of them, they will put their little noses in the air and refuse to touch it, but after awhile, they will start to get hungry and will eat it, trust me, I know from experience…ugh.

Anyways, I feed my black cat dry food and his coat is beautiful. Everyone that sees my cat compliment me on how healthy he looks, and he is a healthy cat!

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