What Is a Successful Therapy for Eating Disorders


What is a successful therapy for eating disorders – For me a successful outcome is to no longer be obsessed with food. that is to say to be able to live perhaps with some bulimic episodes but without the full day obsession without constantly…


ADial Pharmaceuticals Announces Agreement With FDA For Phase III Trial Of
The Centers for Disease Control ("CDC") has reported that alcohol disorders cost the U.S. economy more than $ 200 billion annually, with heavy drinking accounting for greater than 75% of the social and health related costs. … is a privately held … Read more on Sacramento Bee

Drunk and starved
Dr. Neeru Bakshi treats patients with eating disorders at the Moore Center in Bellevue, Wash., and she has become familiar with a new type of eating disorder now called “drunkorexia”: Students forgo meals in order to drink without consuming extra … Read more on Bulletin (subscription)