What Is a Fruity Alcoholic Drink Where You Hardly Taste the Alcohol?

Question by Untouchable: What is a fruity alcoholic drink where you hardly taste the alcohol?
I despise the taste of alcohol but would like to drink something where over time I become tipsy. I like fruity drinks. I really like Smirnoff Ice because it literally taste just like Sprite. So anything like that is great for me but I’m not an “alcohol connoisseur” so help me out! What about Mike’s Hard Lemonade? Or what mixture of drink?

And no I can’t just drink something until I don’t even taste it lol, sorry. The taste of alcohol is no bueno for me.

Best answer:

Answer by dayve
long islands, adios, cranberry vodka, are good. Or shots like purple nurple, fuzzy navel n special shots like that r good… theirs alot just ask the bartender…

Answer by IAN
yeah mikes hard lemonade but to me you can taste it too much but a really great one is the smirnoff craneberry something i forget but its hella good and taste just like juice


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