What if Psychoactive Therapy and Antidepressants Do Not Help?

Question by Kyle: What if psychoactive therapy and antidepressants do not help?
What if that is the case? Also, which is more effective. Thanks.

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Answer by Woody Woodman
Your depression happened because of a reason, in that case I think therapy would be the most effective. However, in order for it to work you have to have an open mind. If you have a “it’s everyone’s fault” mentality without bettering yourself, psychotherapy will never work for you. It requires you to seek personal improvement. For me, antidepressants did nothing but they might for you. Your call.

Answer by iheartfroyo
Severe depression is rough. Maybe a counselor would be more helpful than a therapist.

I don’t believe clinical depression is an illness. I believe depression is a state of mind, one that can escalate and once its escalated its extremely difficult to control, its like a run away horse. But having this pov on depression simplifies things ALOT.

People enter a state of depression because they are not living in the now, they are not living in the present reality in front of their face. Instead they are playing a story or a movie they keep play over in their head. An old memory, or dozens of memories, things they are afraid may happen to simply put it their minds are somewhere else. And its a mental job to re-run these stories and relive them, its physically and mentally exhausting. The longer someone is depressed the more elaborate the story becomes, as a result the longer and further away they go away from the present. The longer someone’s in this state routines may start forming behaviorally or mentally. In the worst case scenario suicide stories in their hear & attempts can become a routine.

But since it is triggered by telling this story about something that happened 20 mins or 20 years ago re-telling the story is the main reason why depression can be cyclical. Its the story, plus the routine, plus the effects of the lifestyle.

The ultimate cure would be to live in the now and to live in the present. Its actually simple but not easy. Because going to a therapist is great but you need to see someone who can really help you to make peace with these stories so you don’t re-tell them. Telling yourself you are depressed is also playing a story in your head, about all the times you’ve been depressed and all the symptoms and blah blah. An Ideal counselor is someone that can teach you good mental hygiene.

I hope you’re not medicating. Antidepressants actually can increase risk of suicide, health complications like the heart, side effects, and yes even more depression. And the point of the medication is to regulate mood. The side effects can be worse than the person’s initial condition. Plus once a person is on the medication is it dangerous to get off it suddenly, it can make a person have bigger mood swings, they be more unstabile increasing risks of suicide and depression.

Honestly, I don’t understand why the practice of getting people, who are physically healthy, dependent on drugs healthy in anyway. Using an unnatural substance to regulate mood in my opinion isn’t good mental hygiene. Good mental hygiene would be reprogramming the mind to make better choices. Severe depression happens because the state of depression escalates since nobody taught the brain how to stop and redirect itself. Recognizing triggers, starts of the state of mind and learning to redirect it or giving it a different associates are better habits than taking a drug. Part of good mental hygiene is good physical hygiene in being active, like exercising. because if you are active your brain has no choice but to live in the now. The busiest people are happier people as long as they don’t get burnt out.

Exercise has actually proven to work better than Zoloft, according to a Duke University study.

“research has confirmed that antidepressant drugs are no more effective than sugar pills.”

Fox news report, drugs are dangerous and not efective:


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