What Happens When You Get a Psychiatrist?

Question by Clarice: What happens when you get a psychiatrist?
I suffered depression as a teen. I am now in my early 20’s. Recently, I tried to kill myself taking headache pills and lied to the doctor that I didn’t do it intentionally (since I didn’t take enough to die). I’m embarrassed of getting a psychiatrist and fear that they will make it known to my friends and family.

What happens when I get a therapist? Will they send me to the mental hospital? Will “depression” be on my medical record forever? Will it affect my job?

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Answer by Freya Talhamn
They will tell you what you want to hear, or possibly even already know, all while cleaning out your chequings account. If you’re depresssed, drugs and “Professional help” aren’t the answer. Do something that will have a much longer affect, like buying a Harley, or a puppy, or even throw a party and invite all your friends :):):)

Answer by Sara Slaughter
they wont tell anyone, they cant it is in their policy and they shouldn’t send you to a mental hospital unless they think you are actively suicidal. it should not affect your job, since they cannot deny you a job if you are capable of doing the work required, the only thing that would keep you from getting a job is history of being fired from a previous job….and i doubt it will be on your record forever..and even if it is it shouldn’t make that much of a difference…take care hon


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