What Happens at a Drug Treatment Facility?

Question by wonderwoman: What happens at a drug treatment facility?
Someone I know just entered a New York State run drug rehabilitation facility. What happens while he is there? Will I be able to visit? When will he leave? If anyone is willing to share a personal experience I would greatly appreciate it.

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Answer by cowboydoc
Call the clinic and ask them, not us. They probably have there own standards they meet and the patients have to meet them. Not all clinics have the same goals or the way they reach them, what is of concern to them. Call them.

Answer by superhootie
most rehab facilites restrict visitations to only certain people at certain times, maybe by appointment only.
while in rehab, your friend is being shown different ways of thinking through daily situations, learning coping skills, and maybe some self-analysis exercises to help him learn about himself and why he does what he does even when he knows he shouldn’t.

the things he learns in there may not “click” in his head immediately, but rehab centers are at least a place where habitual users can go to at least have a “time out” from their compulsive habits in the hope that they will have a moment of clarity.

the length of stay is usually determined by staff of the facility.

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