What Happens at a Depression Rehab Centre?

Question by krie: What happens at a depression rehab centre?
im going to a centre for depression treatment for about a week or so and i wanna know what happens there? please im quite scared and im gonna be alone and far from my parents,i just need to know what to expect

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Answer by Bionnaa.
go to the nearest book store and buy impulse by Ellen hopkins, if you like her books, buy crank and glass next. 🙂 Impulse is about suicidal teens at aspin springs center.

Where are you going too? Search it on google. Find pictures. Read whatever info they have about the place 🙂

Answer by Mysteryhelp16
Im 17… ive been to a few centres… lets just say… its not a horrible experience.. unless you consider arts/crafts a painful thing, in which i do… but youll be fine, you just work on depression spirals and skill on coping when you get out. If you wanna know more, just let me knoww 🙂 Good luck!

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