What Does Alcohol Taste Like and Did You Have to “force” Yourself to Like It?

Question by Time: What does alcohol taste like and did you have to “force” yourself to like it?
I’m just wondering because every person I’ve spoken to tells me that they “forced” themselves to like alcohol, but then again coke addicts have told me the same. Please don’t tell me the differences between wine, beer, vodka or whatever other concoctions y’all know because they’re all the same to me.

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Answer by Pretty
I don’t think it’s “force”. More like acquired taste. You need to take some time to appreciate some things

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My shelter case worker STRONGLY BELIEVES that I will have NO PROBLEM getting on SSI… – ***You have to CRAWL before you can WALK, Folks. I HONESTLY (& immediately informed my shelter case worker of this) DO NOT want to be on SSI forever, but I haven’t worked AT ALL (except for when I did my community service work at that alcohol & drug rehabilitation center) in 4 1/2 years=I NEED TO TAKE “BABY STEPS” when it comes to EVERYTHING (especially working around other people) in life, & I also need to have a source of income*** while I’m busy taking “baby steps”. ***Obviously, I would prefer that my source of income be more than the pitiful amt of GR money I’ve been getting, plus (even more importantly) my case worker PROMISED to try very hard to find me (who is not only a DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SURVIVOR, but who also falls under the category of “chronically homeless”, btw) a place WHERE I CAN HAVE MY OMAR whom she intends to claim I NEED WITH ME FOR MY EMOTIONAL & PSYCHOLOGICAL WELL BEING… Lora


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