What Do You Have to Do to Become a Therapist?

Question by Rebekah Fisher: What do you have to do to become a therapist?
Specifically for people recovering from eating disorders and struggles like that.

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the term “therapist” is very generic.. its anyone that provides therapy. you have to be a graduate social worker, counselor, psychologist (masters or doctorate level), or even some psychiatric nurses/nurse practitioners provide therapy. check with your state psychology, social work, counseling and nursing board to determine education and what you are and arent allowed to do. If you are wanting to specialize in ED’s than i would suggest doing research on that condition while in school and find a mentor that specializes in it. also, while doing your practicum/internships i would find a person that specializes in it. there are also clinics that just deal with it, look into working there. even if its not as a therapist, it will help you gain experience.


interviewing for a job with an eating disorder – someone asked how i navigate questions that may come up in a job interview pertaining to having an eating disorder? what type of reactions have i had?