What Do They Say That Women, Homosexuals and Elderly People Are More at Risk to Suffer From Depression?

Question by Dave: What do they say that women, homosexuals and elderly people are more at risk to suffer from depression?

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Answer by Candyfloss
They may be considered more vulnerable members of society but in reality any type of person regardless of race/ gender/sexual orientation etc may be susceptible to depression.

Answer by No One
1. Women: It is genetic and a part of how our brains are hardwired and how our hormones effect us. Women are also MUCH more at risk for addiction. Additionally, women take most of the abuse in the world. 1 in 4 children is abused. 1 in 5 adult females is sexually assaulted in her lifetime. Abuse in childhood leads to mental illness in adulthood.

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2. Homosexuals: Studies have been done showing that children raised in homosexual families turn out just fine EXCEPT for how they are treated by homophobes. When you just trying to live your life results in people telling you that you are evil or going to hell or “Immoral”, it is hard to not get depressed.

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3. The Elderly: Your body is breaking down. Your mind is slipping. The people you have been friends with your whole life start to die off at exponential rates. You start to realize just how close to death you are. Gee… I wonder why they might get depressed?

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