What Do the Manic Parts of Bipolar Disorder Feel Like?

Question by Packersfan: What do the manic parts of bipolar disorder feel like?
The parts opposite of the depression.

Best answer:

Answer by Matt Schnabel
Well simply put imagine the depression… and then the polar opposite.

You have energy for days, a high sex drive, very sociable, constantly on the move, you feel like you could clean the entire house from top to bottom.

Answer by sizzlerguy
Bipolar disorder is a “diagnosis” from big corporate psychiatry used to “label” NORMAL HUMAN BEINGS and calling NORMAL PEOPLE mentally ill, and then that “label” is used to peddle Big Pharma’s toxic poisonous mind altering brain damaging prescription drugs on NORMAL PEOPLE.

The drugs used by the corporate psychiatrists are then used to “dehumanize” NORMALS.

There’s a mental illness “label” for every NORMAL human trait listed in the psychiatrist’s bible, the DSM-IV, their Diagnosis as a Source of MONEY manual.

That “bipolar” label is used to DRUG and control people, to deny NORMALS of their basic cival and human rights, and DRUG NORMALS AND TO INDUCE INSANITY IN NORMAL FOLKS, so the mercenary corporate barbarian quacks can make a bundle of money “treating” the masses and controlling inappropriate behavior which does not please the ruling class elitist establishment pigs who have formed a “paramilitary” with the mental health system.

The bottom line, psychiatry is a total fraud, and the “labels” that psychiatrists attach to citizens are used to generate income for themselves and their corporations thru propaganda, fear, force, and fraud.

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