What Causes Eating Disorders? Answers From Texas Health Springwood Hospital


What Causes Eating Disorders? Answers from Texas Health Springwood Hospital – What causes eating disorders? The development of an eating disorder is multifactoral, says Barbara Alderete, LCSW, LPC, LMFT, an eating disorder therapist at Texas Health Springwood Hospital. There seems to be a genetic component, a psychological personality pattern component, and the experience of trauma or abuse during childhood. Also, family dynamics and the culture are a big factor. Participation in programs or activities that may emphasize body type, such as cheerleading, gymnastics, dancing, running, acting, modeling, may also be associated. One of the biggest risk factors is dieting during the teen years. Texas Health Resources www.TexasHealth.org 1-877-THR-WELL


Students struggle with eating disorders, even at Christian school

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Few people who meet Bayly would ever guess that she suffered from an eating disorder during her junior and senior years in high school. Compulsive habits of self-starvation, rigorous exercise and self-hatred fueled her life for two years. Now Bayly is …
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