What Are Your Thoughts on Carlito’s Release?

Question by The Amazing Adam: What are your thoughts on Carlito’s release?
I feel really sorry for the guy, I could of swore he was gonna be a future champion someday in the WWE. The WWE ruins people’s dreams, for instance they actually released someone as athletic as Shelton Benjamin and someone as cool as Carlito? They both was very entertaining indeed then the WWE just throws them out without a proper good-bye? Whos next? John Morrison? Anyway just give me your thoughts and opinions on this incident…

BQ: Shelton Benjamin or Carlito?

BQ2: Carlito and Primo vs. Ted DiBiase and Brett DiBiase??

Best answer:

Answer by J.S.R.G. (R.I.P. RJD)
well he wanted to leave since the longest so i feel like whatever

BQ: Shelton Benjamin
BQ2: Carlito and Primo

Answer by Wolfpac Leader
It is ridiculous! And more great talent wasted by WWE.
BQ: Benjamin is a better wrestler, though Carlito can shoot some killer promos and skits.
BQ2: Ted and Brett… Just because the Colon’s have been jobbers most of their careers and ted and brett seem to be getting a push.

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