What Are the Symptoms of Depression?

Question by claire: what are the symptoms of depression?

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Answer by Daily Anxiety 2
A feeling of hopelessness lasting longer than 4 days. Loss of appetite. Trouble sleeping.

Answer by somethingissposetobeherebutisnot
Depression can seem to take over a persons mind. A suffer doesn’t feel there own emotions they feel the depression a constant state of despair. They feel as If dropping out of life is the best thing for them to do. That withdrawing from what was your life is the only thing to do. Giving up on the things you once enjoyed because you are trapped in the hold of the depression and it is sucking the joy out of you. People seem like they are constantly irritating being around them is no longer worth it. You can’t even escape in your sleep you depression won’t let you fall asleep or you sleep to much. Food either can’t stay down so you eat very little or you just can’t stop eating.

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